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Winter Escapade to Chicago

On February 11 and 12, my husband and I went for a quick winter escapade to Chicago.  We were able to score $97 roundtrip direct ticket each with United Airlines from our home airport, Greensboro.  Since we have friends we could stay with for this trip, we decided to go even though it’s in the middle of the work week.

At Greensboro airport, we were off to a great start when the check-in staff was gracious enough to upgrade us to first class when she noticed that we were seated separately in coach (I wonder if my United Silver status help?).  When we arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport, our friend’s husband picked us up and brought us to their home.  After we offload our luggage and bundled up more, he drove us to the Chicago Starbucks Reserve Roastery (our third!) where we spent the whole day trying out different coffee, alcohol and pastries.  

My husband tried the coffee flight with truffles, some coffee with liquor and pastries.  That Starbucks may be huge but they don’t have any socket to power up your laptop or phone.  When his laptop was running out of juice, we decided to check out the Big Shoulders Café location downtown.  Chicago was freezing and windy! 

When we arrived at the coffee shop, we were informed that the coffee that my husband really liked when he had a layover at Chicago Midway airport was no longer being roasted.  We were bummed out.  We had the marshmallow latte and chai latte instead and we didn’t order anything else.  We just want to plug my husband’s laptop and get out of the cold.

After the letdown, we headed back to the Starbucks Roastery with a little bit of sightseeing.  I was sad that the Starbucks at the first Uniqlo store in Chicago was no longer there.  At the Roastery, my husband continued working while I checked out the merchandise on the ground floor.  Our friend’s wife picked us up and we went out for dinner with karaoke.

The next day, we had breakfast at Uncle Mike’s Place.  Their servings are huge and not your typical size Filipino breakfast.  I had Bansilog (Bangus, Sinangag and Itlog), while the others had Spamsilog, and Tocilog.    After a heavy meal, we drove downtown and went sightseeing.  We drove by United Center and the Gotham building, took some photos at Engine Company No. 51 (Chicago Fire), façade of Chicago PD’s 21st precinct, The Bean and the Chicago Skyline, bought some popcorn at Garrett’s, had some coffee at the Portage Grounds (where it started snowing), and some chicken wings dinner.  I can’t recall where as I was a bit stressed if our flight was really cancelled or delayed. 

After dinner, they brought us to the airport where at that time, our flight was just delayed.  So we waited at the gate where there were snacks and drinks to keep us filled.  The gate staff was quite funny and informative that he made our wait zoom by quite fast.  When we got home, we picked up our car at the garage and slept ready to fight another day.

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