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Happy Birthday to ME!

Just a short blurb! Two days after I was discharged from the hospital and I turned 42.  I’m so grateful that I’m alive and I have the support from my husband and family.  I was advised not to drive, do any heavy lifting and just relax and sleep. 

For my birthday, my aunt, who’s also my ninang during our marriage treated me with a seafood lunch and a mint choco chip ice cream cake.  My sister cooked pasta for dinner to end my birthday celebration with noodles for long life. 

It was a nice respite from what’s happening in my life.  My husband’s gift (Apple Watch Series 6) didn’t arrive on time so it was just a low-key birthday.

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The Brain Surgery and The Rest of My Hospital Stay

When they wheeled me to the surgical room, I said goodbye to my room and prayed with my husband for a successful surgery.  The nurse practitioner for neurosurgery told us that my neurosurgeon was very meticulous and precise that he won’t be shaving my whole hair.  When I get to the surgery room, they asked me if I ate or drink anything, if I have any metal stuff on my body (I do! I had an ORIF on my left ankle) or if I’m allergic to anesthesia or anything.  I told them I just had a sip of water as I was very thirsty, I had screws and plate on my left ankle and I was allergic to a pain med which I don’t know the name and the anti-seizure meds which they initially gave me.  They put an oxygen mask on my face and ask me to count to 10.  I had to do it twice before I was knocked out. 

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The Calm Before The Storm

On Sep. 28, 2020, after a night at High Point Medical Center, they load me up in an ambulance to head to Winston-Salem.  I recalled wishing that they will use the sirens and lights to head to the hospital.  The EMT said I should have mentioned it and they would have accommodated me even if for a minute or two.  Upon arrival, they brought me the neurosurgery floor where I stayed for 7 days.

They hooked me up on steroids (dexamethasone – made me gain weight), protonix (to help protect my stomach lining) and kepra (anti-seizure meds – which I found out I’m allergic).  I met with my neurosurgeon the next day and he told me they will be doing a brain craniotomy.  Since my tumor is nowhere near my speech center, they will be doing a general anesthesia.  After, I’ve been put to sleep they will use a gadget to put my head into place, shave a portion of my scalp, cut it, open the bone, get the tumor, put the bone back, put some screws to hold it in place and staple my scalp.  (Phew!  That’s the short summary)  After I got out of surgery, I will be placed in recovery and then to the Neuro ICU.

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The Seizure and The Brain Tumor

On Sep. 26, 2020, I noticed a weird sensation on my left arm.  It tingled and felt numb around 7pm.  I asked my husband to massage it and I didn’t feel a thing except for the tingles and numbness.  It was just my hand and lower part of my arm.  This happened several times throughout the night.  There was at times, even has a mind of its own.  We didn’t know what it was and chalked it up as tiredness.  I didn’t feel anything except for a headache earlier that day which I drank a 250mg Advil.  When we got home, I even completed my 10,000 steps which I faithfully was completing daily since June 30. 

On Sep. 27, 2020, when I slept that night I recalled my left arm was acting up again but I wasn’t able to wake my husband up since my arm has a mind on its own.  I’m not sure what time it was but I was able to go back to sleep.  Next thing I know, an EMT was on my side of my bed and was asking who that guy was, which I replied was my husband.  They load me up on an ambulance and brought me to the ER at High Point Medical Center.  They told me that my husband called 911 because I was having a seizure.  My husband described it as he was woken up because the bed was shaking.  When he saw me he put me on my side as I was seizing and foaming in my mouth (Woah!  Scary!!!)  

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Side Hustle 4: Filipino Homemade Products

As I write this, I’m still recuperating from my surgery which I will detail in my later post.  It’s a bit difficult to type as my left hand is still not cooperating much.  However, I want to make my brain work so write it is.

When I was still in Beijing, I used to sell leche flan, puto and banana bread to Filipinos living there.  I remember during the Christmas party at the Embassy, some staff will order 30 to 50 batch of flan, or puto or banana bread.  I usually make extra and they would still be all gone.  At that time, my bread making skills is still limited as I was still learning how to bake at a Chinese baking school.  Anytime I get to go home, I try to attend baking classes too (Heny Sison).

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