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Side Hustle 4: Filipino Homemade Products

As I write this, I’m still recuperating from my surgery which I will detail in my later post.  It’s a bit difficult to type as my left hand is still not cooperating much.  However, I want to make my brain work so write it is.

When I was still in Beijing, I used to sell leche flan, puto and banana bread to Filipinos living there.  I remember during the Christmas party at the Embassy, some staff will order 30 to 50 batch of flan, or puto or banana bread.  I usually make extra and they would still be all gone.  At that time, my bread making skills is still limited as I was still learning how to bake at a Chinese baking school.  Anytime I get to go home, I try to attend baking classes too (Heny Sison).

When I moved to the US, I continued baking but only for personal consumption.  I wasn’t able to make a lot to sell since I can’t knead a lot and I don’t have a stand mixer to help me knead the dough.  After I married and moved to North Carolina, I bought a mixer and started baking Filipino breads again.  I started giving to Pinoys to try and they sometimes give me some money for ingredients.  I also started attending classes at The Bailiwick Academy. It’s much better than Heny Sison as it’s online and has a lounge where the instructors and students share what they learn from the classes and changes they made to make it better. If you want to try their class, they have some free classes for you to watch.

A few days before my seizure, I started selling Spanish bread.  When I posted it, more Pinoys wanted to order.  However, the seizure happened and I wasn’t allowed to bake.  Hopefully, by Thanksgiving and New Christmas, I would be able to sell more.  It won’t be a full time business but more as my hubby crave to eat for breakfast.


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