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The Seizure and The Brain Tumor

On Sep. 26, 2020, I noticed a weird sensation on my left arm.  It tingled and felt numb around 7pm.  I asked my husband to massage it and I didn’t feel a thing except for the tingles and numbness.  It was just my hand and lower part of my arm.  This happened several times throughout the night.  There was at times, even has a mind of its own.  We didn’t know what it was and chalked it up as tiredness.  I didn’t feel anything except for a headache earlier that day which I drank a 250mg Advil.  When we got home, I even completed my 10,000 steps which I faithfully was completing daily since June 30. 

On Sep. 27, 2020, when I slept that night I recalled my left arm was acting up again but I wasn’t able to wake my husband up since my arm has a mind on its own.  I’m not sure what time it was but I was able to go back to sleep.  Next thing I know, an EMT was on my side of my bed and was asking who that guy was, which I replied was my husband.  They load me up on an ambulance and brought me to the ER at High Point Medical Center.  They told me that my husband called 911 because I was having a seizure.  My husband described it as he was woken up because the bed was shaking.  When he saw me he put me on my side as I was seizing and foaming in my mouth (Woah!  Scary!!!)  

When we arrived at the ER, they put me in one of the room and an ER doctor asked what happened.  We told him that I had a seizure.  He ordered a CT scan of my brain and I was wheeled to the scanning room.  After an hour I think, the scanned showed a lesion on my brain.  He ordered an MRI to get a clearer scan and to check if it’s a primary or secondary tumor.  So, I was wheeled again to the MRI room for a scan.  After an hour or two, the doctor came back and said it might take some time for the scans to be read as it was a Sunday and the doctor who will read it is off-duty.  After the MRI scan was read, the doctor said it looks like a secondary tumor (metastasize aka it spread to the brain) even though it was small (11mm).  He suggested to do a CT scan of my torso to check if there are any tumors in my body.  So, for the third time, I was wheeled again for another CT scan.  Thankfully, this scan came back clear albeit a thickening of my uterus.  It wasn’t an urgent issue so they said it can be checked after we resolved this tumor in my brain.  They admitted me at the hospital but they said I will be transferred to the main hospital in Winston-Salem the next day where the neurosurgeon can give us a clearer diagnosis and plan on what to do next.


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