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The Brain Surgery and The Rest of My Hospital Stay

When they wheeled me to the surgical room, I said goodbye to my room and prayed with my husband for a successful surgery.  The nurse practitioner for neurosurgery told us that my neurosurgeon was very meticulous and precise that he won’t be shaving my whole hair.  When I get to the surgery room, they asked me if I ate or drink anything, if I have any metal stuff on my body (I do! I had an ORIF on my left ankle) or if I’m allergic to anesthesia or anything.  I told them I just had a sip of water as I was very thirsty, I had screws and plate on my left ankle and I was allergic to a pain med which I don’t know the name and the anti-seizure meds which they initially gave me.  They put an oxygen mask on my face and ask me to count to 10.  I had to do it twice before I was knocked out. 

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