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The Biopsy Result

So the day after my birthday, the neurosurgeon called to discuss the biopsy result.  The pathology report indicated that the tumor was a Meningioma, Grade 2.  Grade 2 means that the tumor has a likely chance to recur and he suggested that I setup an appointment with the radiation oncologist.  He said radiation is needed to significantly reduce the chance of recurrence as well as kill off the microscopic tumor cells left in my brain. 

We heaved a sigh of relief after the call and talked with my doctor cousins to discuss about the suggestion by the doctor.  We didn’t tell the family yet until we get hold of the report in the app’s test results. 

According to my cousin, radiation is really needed for Grade 2 tumors due to the likely chance of recurrence.  No chemotherapy necessary and the result is still good.  He mentioned what the side effects are (nausea, fatigue, hair loss, some memory confusion, headache).  In case of frequent side effects, I will be given dexamethasone again.  He also said that the location of my tumor was the best place for radiation as it’s far from any important areas in the brain.  He said if we need to pay a lot of money for the treatment, he suggested that we go back to the Philippines and the cost will be reduced as they will be waiving some of their fees.


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