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Frankenstein No More!

Oct 20, 2020 was a memorable day. First, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us my love!  I know this is not how we plan on celebrating our anniversary but I’m very grateful for you and I love you very much! 

Second, we went back to the hospital for an appointment to remove the staples in my head.  It was a quick appointment but it was painful.  There were 10 staples in my head and I had to ask the doctor to give me a break after every staple removed.  After all of the staples were removed, I asked my husband to give me a Tylenol as my head was throbbing.  We kept the staples and I’m not sure where my husband kept it.  The doctor threw the staple remover right away before I was able to ask for it. 

After the staple removal appointment, we had lunch at the hospital and waited for our afternoon appointment with the radiation therapist for our mask making.  The mask is needed for the radiation treatment to ensure that I stay put.  I asked the radiation therapist if I can keep it and he said, “For Sure”.  I’m planning to paint it and use it for Halloween next year! The mask making was quick but the mask was really tight.  They put a gelatinous stuff on my face and head and let it set.  We’ll see what happens during the treatment and how it goes.  My next appointment is Nov. 2 for the dry run of the radiation treatment.  Hopefully, it works out well.


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