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Hello Uber and Lyft!

On Oct 21, we had a telemedicine appointment with the neurologist.  A neurologist is the one in charge of providing care if you had seizures and the like.  They’re the one who controls the anti-seizure meds I’m taking. 

Anyway, we were shocked to find out that in North Carolina, a person who had a seizure is not allowed to drive for at least 6 months from the occurrence of the seizure.  This is to ensure that no repeat occurrence will happen as well as to protect the public in case it happens again.  If it did happen and an accident occurs, you would be liable for the accident and injuries.   So, hello Uber and Lyft!  Either I take rideshare or my hubby/sister will be my designated driver.

Aside from being not allowed to drive, I would need to take anti-seizure meds for at least 1-2 years.  She gave us an advise to apply for the reduce rate with the company who makes the anti-seizure meds I’m taking.  We did and it really reduced the cost to $20 for a 30 day refill.  We paid $60 at the hospital pharmacy as we were on a tight schedule.  She requested that I get a blood test to check if the medication I’m taking is enough for me.

We were also able to get my primary care doctor to sign off the DMV temporary disability placard application.  We plan to apply for a temporary placard good for 6 months as that’s the amount of time I can’t drive.  Moreover, we were advised of fatigue during the course of the treatment so I would be needing support while walking. 


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