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Catch Me I’m Falling

It’s day 15 of 31 of my daily weekday radiation treatment.   So far I’ve been lucky enough not to feel any major side effects of the radiation.  They put me back on steroids on day 10 which helped with the headache. 

However, no amount of steroids will help with this side effect.  When I woke up this morning and ran my hands through my hair, my hand came out with a lot of hair.  I did it again and still a lot of hair.  I was shocked, I though I got away with this symptom but apparently not.  I’m experiencing HAIR LOSS (huhuhu!). 

According to articles online, hair loss usually happens on the 2nd week of treatment.  The doctor said I can’t cut my hair while undergoing treatment as the mask is already set and the radiation therapists won’t like it.  In any case, I hope it won’t be a total hair loss and if it’s a partial hair loss, I hope I can cover it up in a certain style.  Should I buy a wig??  I’m so sad and disheartened that this happened.  I don’t want to comb my hair anymore for fear of losing more hair.

By the way, my insomnia is back!  I’m having a hard time falling asleep even if I drink 2mg of melatonin.  We will ask the doctor if we could increase the melatonin or any suggestion to fall asleep.


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