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Christmas is in the Air!

I’m more than halfway through my radiation treatment and I can’t wait for it to be over.  The treatment is driving my body whacked!  I’m gaining weight, I’m having a hard time falling asleep and I’m quite hyper after breakfast.  I will blame it on the steroid.  In any case, the doctor suggested weaning out of the steroid so I’m taking 1 mg every other day.  Hopefully, I’ll be ok just like what happened after the surgery when they literally stopped me taking the steroid 2 days after I was discharged.

So.. enough about radiation, my presents are trickling in.  Since we’re practicing social distancing, my aunts in California are ordering our gifts based on the list we provided them online and have it shipped directly to our home here in North Carolina.  Our tax here is cheaper and they save my brother from carrying it with him when he visits for Christmas.  Now, I just need to wrap it prettily so that our Christmas tree will have some presents for us to open on Christmas day.  We’re still undecided what to give my stepson as I don’t want him to spend more time on his Nintendo Switch.  I’m hoping something practical or creative or educational.

Our Christmas tree is also up!  Our lawn is still bare as we’re waiting for the inflatables we ordered on Amazon.  They’re not cheap but hopefully they will last for quite some time.  My husband doesn’t want me to wrap the boxers I got him as Christmas present (Hehehe!)  He approved of me wrapping the Crocs slippers instead. 

I’ve been baking again!  My sister wants me to perfect the Ube Cheese Pandesal.  We’ve been making several variations of Ube Halaya and I’m glad she was happy with the 5th variation I made two days before Thanksgiving.  A friend of mine ordered a dozen.  The rest we ate and some we shared with the nurses who took care of me while in the hospital.  My sister told me to save the money we got from the bake sale.


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