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Hello Uber and Lyft!

On Oct 21, we had a telemedicine appointment with the neurologist.  A neurologist is the one in charge of providing care if you had seizures and the like.  They’re the one who controls the anti-seizure meds I’m taking. 

Anyway, we were shocked to find out that in North Carolina, a person who had a seizure is not allowed to drive for at least 6 months from the occurrence of the seizure.  This is to ensure that no repeat occurrence will happen as well as to protect the public in case it happens again.  If it did happen and an accident occurs, you would be liable for the accident and injuries.   So, hello Uber and Lyft!  Either I take rideshare or my hubby/sister will be my designated driver.

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Frankenstein No More!

Oct 20, 2020 was a memorable day. First, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us my love!  I know this is not how we plan on celebrating our anniversary but I’m very grateful for you and I love you very much! 

Second, we went back to the hospital for an appointment to remove the staples in my head.  It was a quick appointment but it was painful.  There were 10 staples in my head and I had to ask the doctor to give me a break after every staple removed.  After all of the staples were removed, I asked my husband to give me a Tylenol as my head was throbbing.  We kept the staples and I’m not sure where my husband kept it.  The doctor threw the staple remover right away before I was able to ask for it. 

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The Biopsy Result

So the day after my birthday, the neurosurgeon called to discuss the biopsy result.  The pathology report indicated that the tumor was a Meningioma, Grade 2.  Grade 2 means that the tumor has a likely chance to recur and he suggested that I setup an appointment with the radiation oncologist.  He said radiation is needed to significantly reduce the chance of recurrence as well as kill off the microscopic tumor cells left in my brain. 

We heaved a sigh of relief after the call and talked with my doctor cousins to discuss about the suggestion by the doctor.  We didn’t tell the family yet until we get hold of the report in the app’s test results. 

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