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I’m A Walking Zombie

On Day 23 of 31 of my daily weekday radiation treatment, another side effect made itself known. I was feeling fine earlier in the day and was able to get some exercise in before the treatment.  However, after the treatment, I felt a sudden drop of energy as if the radiation zapped it all out.  Apparently, the cumulative amount of radiation is taking its toll.  The side effect of fatigue is now part of the parcel.  I was actually planning to bake some madeleines today but I don’t have the energy.

My sister told me I look like a wilted flower.  I told her I don’t have the energy to bake anymore today.  Hopefully, I can sleep early and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.  I still want to try and bake some madeleines.  On my weekly appointment with the doctor, he said that it’s part of the treatment and that I should be feeling it until the end of it.

Oh yeah.. I have a bald spot that is smooth like a baby’s bottom on the right side of my head.  If I fix my hair in a certain way, I can still hide it.  I still hate combing my hair as the amount of hair I lose is disheartening. 

Hopefully, I won’t have anymore side effects.  There’s one more that hasn’t manifested (nausea).   In any case, what I may be feeling is not something another person might feel while undergoing treatment.  As they say, to each its own.


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