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Savings Tip: Cause Box Fall Welcome Box

If you want a cheap option for Christmas gifts, you can get a Cause Box Subscription ($54.95 per quarter).  For my sister, she wanted to buy a PMD Clean (retails at $99).   She initially purchased one at Amazon but returned it when she saw that the Cause Box Fall Welcome Box included this item. 

The Cause Box Welcome Box retails at $54.95.  For Fall 2019, her box included a PMD Clean ($99) , Swell 17oz Insulated Bottle ($35), Pixie Mood All Tote ($65), Core Bamboo Serve Set ($35) , Volim Love Scrub ($56), Way of Will Brightening Face Serum ($37.50).   Unless you purchased an annual membership, you can’t choose some of the items. 

So for spending $54.95, she got $327.50 worth of items.  She used the PMD Clean, Serum, Scrub and Tote.  She gifted the Swell bottle and the Bamboo Serve Set.  If you have a lot of female family, friends and relatives, this might be a good option for you.  Each quarter brings a different set of items in the box and you never know what they are.  For annual membership subscribers, you have the option to choose from a set of items.  Let’s say each quarter is $54.95 x 4 = $219.80 and each box has 5 items, so that’s $11 per item.  Where can you get classy items for $11 each to gift to 20 of your favorite people?  You won’t see it as savings when you pay the annual membership fee but if you look it in hindsight or how I compute it for each item, then that’s great savings!   Hmm.. maybe I should get an annual membership but wait, let me list down if I have 20 people to give it to.


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