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Ringing the Victory Bell!

The Victory Bell is a badge of honor for successfully completing your radiation treatment.  It signals a new chapter of your journey and the end of a challenging event in your life.  It was something I was looking forward to as it meant my daily trip to the hospital is done. 

December 17 is the last day of my 31 days of radiation treatment.  I did it!  I rang the victory bell!  It was bittersweet as I will miss the people I interacted with during my treatment.  I brought home a certificate of completion as well as the mask they used for my treatment. 

To the people who are undergoing treatment still that I became friends with, keep it up and you’ll get there!  To my wonderful husband, thank you so much for driving me daily and making sure that I’m well equipped (face shield, mask and bath once we get home) to combat covid.  To my sister, thank you for preparing the meals and desserts to make sure that we won’t go hungry and it’s one less task that we will worry about.  To my radiation oncology doctor cousin, thank you for answering all our questions and quelling our worries about the treatment and side effects.  To my friends, family and relatives, thank you for your support, your love and concern. 

To God, thank you for this experience and for being there always.  Thank you for your provisions and for the timing of everything that happened.  Thank you for keeping us safe from Covid and for keeping me centered in you throughout the whole process. 


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