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Starbucks for Life

Every year during the Christmas season, Starbucks usually launch their Starbucks For Life game.  As usual, with my luck on raffle and game prizes, I’m not expecting anything.  This year, the game will end on January 4.  The good thing about this game is you can actually play it without purchasing anything.  You just need to scroll down towards the bottom on the fine print to get a game play.

So far, I’ve won 50 stars and a lot of missing one item for each of the categories.  Last year, I won the Christmas card set and some stars.  Should I hope for something and be disappointed or be positive and claim that I will win? 

My track record this year so far in terms of raffle or game prizes has been bad.  I won a painting from the local Filipino store on their Thanksgiving Day raffle.  I won two $10 gift card on our family games this Christmas.  The ones I really wanted was the gift pack at the hospital Starbucks or the Stoneyfield Organics Thanksgiving Giveaway.  I’m still hoping to end the year with a bang and win the Starbucks Coffee Collection.

Here’s to more wins and prizes!  Happy New Year to everyone!


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