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Going Back to School!

On January 21, I’m officially back to being a student. I’m taking an accounting specialist course at the local community college. I’ve been meaning to take this course as well as the payroll specialist course last year. However, every time I checked back on the schedule, I either miss the class registration by a week or it’s not being offered at that time. This year though, I was able to catch the class registration period and am happy that they offer it online. I’m not really sure what to expect for this online class but I hope I won’t struggle with it as the past class I had for income tax, I really struggled because it was fast paced.

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Personal Challenges 2021

I’ve read a lot of blogs about the movie Julie & Julia and how it inspired them to have a personal challenge in their life (mostly cooking). After watching the movie again, my husband suggested that I do a similar type of challenge. From my previous post about WOOP, I was thinking of doing small stuff to improve myself.

Just like Julie, I tend to start things and not completing it. I also lack the motivation to do something and just lie around with my gadgets spending hours and hours with it. My accountability partner (husband) doesn’t have the same goals as I have which means I’m doing something by myself with a little cheering from him. I remember when I was in high school, I was challenged to be better when there are other people to compete with.

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WOOP there it is!

During the Christmas holiday break of our ESMM class, our teacher introduced a new concept to help us with our SMART goals. The concept is called WOOP (wish, outcome, obstacle, plan). It’s a mental strategy that you can use to find and fulfill your wishes, set preferences and change your habits. It’s a concept that will more likely help you achieve your goal, big or small.

Here’s what you need to do:

WISH: Think about what you want to create or achieve. Really visualize it for a moment. Maybe put it into a few words.

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Billionaire Fever

The Mega Million draw is set for today. However, it’s no longer Mega Million but Mega Billion. That’s right the total jackpot is $1,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros! I remember a few years back when the jackpot prize went beyond one billion dollars. The lines at the convenience store were long. Some offices have a pool of money for quick picks hoping to win the billion dollars. In the end, there were 3 winners who will share the prize. Whoever wins the jackpot will hopefully be set for life.

Have you made any plans if you win that much money? My husband is hoping to win just the $1,000,000 prize (match 5 numbers). Have you any luck in winning? I think the most I’ve won with mega million or powerball was $4 (a number and the power/mega ball). However, if I win the jackpot, here’s what I will do.

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Winter Beach Escapade in the Carolinas

My sister recently started a temporary associate dentist job in Supply, NC. The agency she was hired with provided free lodging which turned out to be a Best Western Plus in Shallotte, NC. She was asking us to visit her so that we can bring some stuff she missed and bring her some homemade curry tuna buns. Since my husband has one day of PTO from the previous year that he needs to use and it’s MLK long weekend, we decided to visit her and explore the beaches nearby.

We’re off to our 3 day beach escapade in the Carolinas. Why would we torture ourselves going to the beach in winter? Well, free lodging is great but more importantly less people. Our first beach stop on our first day was Holden Beach, NC. There weren’t that many people but it was chilly and a bit windy. We decided not to take a dip but just stroll along the beachfront. The waters were dark and the sand was fine but dirty white. It was peaceful and relaxing if it’s not chilly.

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