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Be Grateful

A few days before Christmas, one of the blogs I follow talked about how having a Gratitude Journal helped him with his finances. I remember a couple of years back, I started a blog writing about things I’m thankful for daily. It’s one of the blogs that I started on a free site but stopped after 36 days.

Since I have a hard time falling asleep, one of the tips they mentioned was turning off your gadgets an hour before bedtime and have a notebook beside your bed to write down all the ideas that are floating on your mind to get it off and switch your mind off.

Combining the two ideas, on December 24, I revived my Gratitude Journal. I started writing it in a pocket notebook and now I’m using one of the Starbucks Daily Moleskine Journal I had from 2017. So what do I write on it? Everything I’m thankful for.

Here are some ideas what you can be thankful for:

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep
  • Completing a chore that you’ve been putting off for quite some time
  • Being motivated to cook, bake, read, exercise
  • Completing one of your exercise goals
  • Receiving a $20 gift card from a game you played in an event
  • Celebrating Christmas or New Year in a zoom meeting with your relatives
  • Writing for 7 straight days on your Grateful Journal
  • Helping a friend or stranger load their groceries or a task
  • Calling a friend or family and catching up with them.
  • Earn a $ amount doing something
  • Losing weight or gaining weight

There are lots to be thankful for even if you think there’s none. By the time I’m done writing in my journal, I’m ready to go to bed. Try it, you won’t lose anything. Moreover, you will feel better mentally as it’s a good exercise to be thankful in small stuff. It’s also nice to look back on what you’re thankful for.


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