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COVID-19 Craziness

On December 14, my husband’s ex-wife informed us that she tested positive for COVID-19. She’s unsure if she contracted it from her work place. As my husband picked up his son from her place on December 13, there was a possibility that he was exposed to the virus. It was also my last week of radiotherapy and we wanted it to end.

When we found out, we took all the precautions that we won’t expose it to others especially at the hospital. When we completed the radiotherapy, we scheduled our COVID-19 testing at the local county testing site. Luckily, we both tested negative.

For my stepson and his grandparents, they didn’t attempt to be tested as they heard it’s painful. They also said that the likelihood they were exposed was minimal. We let them even though we advised them to get tested. After a week and a half of quarantine, his ex-wife and his girlfriend tested negative. Two days before Christmas Eve, my stepson’s grandfather exhibited cough. He said it’s only the cold air as he was taking the dog for a walk. At that time, my stepson spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. When we brought back my stepson to his grandparents, his grandfather was still coughing.

On December 30, my husband got an early morning call from his ex-wife. She said that they brought the grandfather to the ER as he was having difficulty breathing and his cough didn’t go away. When the doctor tested him at the ER for COVID-19, he tested positive. At that time, they then decided to have the grandmother and my stepson tested. Since the results didn’t come out right away, both grandmother and grandson went home and the grandmother took care of the grandson. When the results came out, she tested positive and my stepson tested negative. His ex-wife was frantic, she didn’t know what to do. She was asking my husband to keep his son with us for the New Year till his grandmother tested negative. My husband said no since I’m still recovering from radiotherapy. He told her why don’t she take care of his son since she’s still immune from the virus. She said she can’t have him on certain days as she can’t take more time off. My husband later agreed to have him on January 3 and 4 only.

On December 31, the whole household (my husband, sister and myself) took another COVID-19 test. After 2 days, we all got a negative result. My husband decided to minimize my exposure to the virus while his son was there was to quarantine themselves to his son’s room while he was there. I will bring their food and leave it in the door and pick it up once they are done. Of course, full mask, shield and washing involved.

On January 4, after he brought his son to his mom. My husband went to a testing center right away to have himself tested. At home, he still quarantined himself till he get the results. After a day, the result came and he tested negative. My stepson’s grandfather was admitted to the ICU and currently on a BIPAP machine to help him breathe. He has a heart condition and was being monitored. If he takes a turn for the worse, they will intubate him.

COVID is real. Getting tested is painful and not fun. Follow the CDC rules. Wear a mask, keep 6 ft apart and wash your hands regularly. I’m grateful that God is keeping us safe from the virus. I’m praying for my stepson’s grandfather that he will recover from this virus. To all my readers who are experiencing or have family or friends experiencing this virus, I pray that you will be safe, strong and keep the faith.


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