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Winter Beach Escapade in the Carolinas

My sister recently started a temporary associate dentist job in Supply, NC. The agency she was hired with provided free lodging which turned out to be a Best Western Plus in Shallotte, NC. She was asking us to visit her so that we can bring some stuff she missed and bring her some homemade curry tuna buns. Since my husband has one day of PTO from the previous year that he needs to use and it’s MLK long weekend, we decided to visit her and explore the beaches nearby.

We’re off to our 3 day beach escapade in the Carolinas. Why would we torture ourselves going to the beach in winter? Well, free lodging is great but more importantly less people. Our first beach stop on our first day was Holden Beach, NC. There weren’t that many people but it was chilly and a bit windy. We decided not to take a dip but just stroll along the beachfront. The waters were dark and the sand was fine but dirty white. It was peaceful and relaxing if it’s not chilly.

After a relaxing time at the beach, we decided to find a restaurant nearby. Off we go to Loulou’s Restaurant. It’s not beach side but more riverside. They also have oyster roast which you can shuck oysters! The oysters were a bit dry and the taste was a bit lacking compared to Bowen Islands. Since we were a bit full, we only ordered crab bites (meh!) and oyster roast.

The next day, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach, SC. After a 30 min drive, we stopped by for brunch at Souffle in North Myrtle Beach. You better listen how Siri pronounce it as it’s funny! We enjoyed a delicious Crab Cake Benedict and Banana Foster French Toast! The blackberry lemon crepe was a bit of a letdown. Better add the remaining sauce on the banana foster to the crepe. The omelette was big but needs a bit of salt. The side of fries was great and the side of fruit can be an addition to your crepe.

After a filling brunch, we headed to Myrtle Beach. Do not confuse it with North Myrtle Beach. We went on a bad day as we received an alert of Gale warning. Boy it was really windy and freezing! We had a nice walk at boardwalk and the street parallel to the boardwalk. I just had a quick dip in the sand as I can’t stand the cold. My husband was sad that the mimosa place was close at that time. The place was more commercialized but a lot of them are closed due to COVID. It was a slow time since it was winter. I would imagine that it will be packed in summer.

On our last day, we decided to head to Wilmington, NC. It was a 45 minute drive from Shallotte. We stopped by The Maine Lobster Roll Company. My sister had a chance to try it and it was delicious! If we knew that it was that good, we would have ordered a roll each for my hubby and I. The lobster roll was in a six inch hotdog bun with your choice of half, whole or hearty filling of lobster. We ordered a whole filling and lobster bisque. The bisque for me was ok but the lobster roll was not enough for my hungry tummy. A half filling for each person would be better. You better check it out when you’re in Wilmington. After we ordered, we decided to head to Carolina Beach to enjoy our food. However, since it was still chilly and a bit windy, we decided to eat in the car and take a walk in the beach.

I love Carolina Beach! It has a hometown feel and the sand was fine and white. There were large chair swings in the boardwalk and some benches for you to sit. Some kids were burying themselves in the sand while some were flying kites. Of the 3 beaches we visited, I wouldn’t mind returning here. However, between Virginia Beach and Carolina Beach, I would like to return to Virginia Beach just for Jollibee, Red Ribbon and Filipino food.

That’s it! On our way home, we went via Cary to have dinner at Taipei 101 and some boba at Cha House. Waze decided to bring us to parts unknown as we look for a gasoline station to fill up. In the end, we decided just to go home.


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