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Going Back to School!

On January 21, I’m officially back to being a student. I’m taking an accounting specialist course at the local community college. I’ve been meaning to take this course as well as the payroll specialist course last year. However, every time I checked back on the schedule, I either miss the class registration by a week or it’s not being offered at that time. This year though, I was able to catch the class registration period and am happy that they offer it online. I’m not really sure what to expect for this online class but I hope I won’t struggle with it as the past class I had for income tax, I really struggled because it was fast paced.

Moreover, I’m more of the traditional classroom type of student where I’m motivated when I have classmates I can compete with for the highest grades in class. However, after the first Microsoft Teams meeting with our teacher last Saturday, it seems like it’s more of a competency based learning type of online class. We are given modules and assignments that we need to complete every week. If we have any questions, we may email the teacher or ask her during our weekly Microsoft Teams meeting. I remember when I was young I would have enjoyed this type of learning but now I’m older, it’s getting hard to be motivated.

Here’s to 3 months of classes! We have 3 modules (accounting principles, Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks). What I’m planning right now is finishing 3 chapters worth of Microsoft Excel as I’m quite familiar with it then go back to accounting principles and Quickbooks and get it up to 3 chapters worth of classes. Once I’m done with the other two, I will move to Excel again. Hopefully that works and I will be able to catch up and complete all of them. The teacher mentioned that if the Excel portion seems easy to us, we can request for a much higher level of Excel to complete. I might do that if I can complete the Excel module quickly.

Catch you next month with a run through with the challenges I’ve been doing consistently and completed! Hopefully, my personal life and my health won’t affect me with completing this class and challenge! I need some ideas.. I’m running out of things I can write but my blog is slowly improving. Don’t worry I will put pictures but not right now yet. I have this vision in my mind on how I want it to look but I haven’t done a trial and error yet as it’s more code than just plain writing.


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