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TV Show Review: Bling Empire

Bling Empire is a Netflix reality TV series following LA’s wildy wealthy Asian and Asian American fun seekers as they go all out with fabulous parties, glamour and drama. If you think it’s similar to the movie Crazy Rich Asian, it is but longer as it has 8 episodes.

The TV series follow the lives of Anna Shay, Kelly Mi Li, Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, Jamie Xie, Cherie Chan, Guy Tang, Andrew Gray, Jessey Lee, Kim Lee.

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Legal Documents You Should Have Right Now To Help You When You Get Sick

When my mom was at the end of her life and in hospice, one of the things the hospice staff required was a Living Will or Advance Directive. They needed to know her medical wishes in case her heart stopped or she was having problems breathing. She had it all set in a folder signed and told us where it was so that we can give it to them when that happens.

I also remember when I was admitted to the hospital and a day before my brain surgery, the doctor asked us if I have an advance directive. He said that it would be best to be prepared in case something went wrong with the surgery. As they say, there’s always risk when we have surgery. I didn’t have one and I’m thankful that the surgery was succesful.

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COVID-19 Craziness

On December 14, my husband’s ex-wife informed us that she tested positive for COVID-19. She’s unsure if she contracted it from her work place. As my husband picked up his son from her place on December 13, there was a possibility that he was exposed to the virus. It was also my last week of radiotherapy and we wanted it to end.

When we found out, we took all the precautions that we won’t expose it to others especially at the hospital. When we completed the radiotherapy, we scheduled our COVID-19 testing at the local county testing site. Luckily, we both tested negative.

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Be Grateful

A few days before Christmas, one of the blogs I follow talked about how having a Gratitude Journal helped him with his finances. I remember a couple of years back, I started a blog writing about things I’m thankful for daily. It’s one of the blogs that I started on a free site but stopped after 36 days.

Since I have a hard time falling asleep, one of the tips they mentioned was turning off your gadgets an hour before bedtime and have a notebook beside your bed to write down all the ideas that are floating on your mind to get it off and switch your mind off.

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