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The Year of Favor

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone but it was also a year of favor.  If you were to look at it with a positive outlook, it’s filled with thanks and blessings for everyone.  Here’s a look back on what happened in the year of 2020:


  • In February, I had my vision checked and got new glasses.  I also met with my primary care doctor and had some blood work done.  I found out that I was pre-diabetic.  I was referred to a state program to control my pre-diabetes.  I also had a consultation with the Orthopedic doctor to check if I should have my hardware removed on my left ankle. 
  • In March, I had my annual check with my ob-gyn doctor.  I had my mammogram scheduled and pap smear done.
  • In September, I went to the dermatologist as I have some dryness in my ring finger area and my mouth area.  I also had my first seizure ever in my life.
  • In October, I had a brain craniotomy to removed a brain tumor which turned out to be a meningioma Grade 2.  I also had a consultation with the radiation oncologist.
  • In November to mid-December, I had my daily weekday radiation for 31 sessions.  It was a bit tiring travelling back and forth to the hospital daily.  However, it made me closer to God as it became my daily talk with him while treatment is ongoing.
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