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My First Major Surgery Experience

When I heard about Tiger Wood’s accident on Today’s Show last Tuesday, I had a momentary flashback when they mentioned that he had emergency surgery with rods, plates and screws on his leg. My first major surgery happened on May 5, 2017. It was an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) surgery of my left ankle.

Shanghai, China. It was the first day of the 3 day weekend when I decided to head to the shopping center to watch a movie, enjoy a good meal and shop for new shoes. I took a bike from my apartment to the shopping center. I remember when I got there, my legs were like jelly. After I watched a movie, I was just walking around the mall when I notice a crowd in the children’s fun area. A child fell from one of the jungle poles and hit his head. I observed for awhile but the emergency services were taking there sweet time that I moved on. I then headed to the shopping mall across the street. Since I don’t want to cross the street in traffic, I decided to take the basement route through the subway station. I remember I was holding my phone but was focus on the path I’m taking. When I reach the entrance to the mall, I suddenly crashed on the floor as if I twisted my ankle. When I tried standing up, I knew it wasn’t just a twist of my ankle but something more. The shopping center personnel said they can call an ambulance for me. As I wasn’t that familiar with the hospitals in Shanghai, I just asked them to bring me to a place where I can have a sit. I called some friends of mine who helped me pick up some clothes in my apartment and brought me to their place for me to stay while I recuperate.

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Easy Fried Rice

For the past two weeks, I’ve been making Fried Rice. I’m always scared of cooking as most of the time the food I cook doesn’t look and taste like what I’ve imagined. While scrolling through Facebook videos, there was a video by emmymade on how to cook fried rice. So, I muster up my nerve and followed the steps. I didn’t have spring onions so I omitted it from the ingredient list.

The verdict: my husband loves it and I liked it too. There are a lot of variations to fried rice. For proteins, you could use fish, chicken, pork, beef. You can make it vegetarian. You can use just egg white. You can add those tuna in cans. You can add salted fish. Whatever you want your fried rice to be, you can do it. Common ingredients in fried rice are eggs, rice, and vegetables. I tried the frozen vegetables with broccoli, baby carrot, peas and potato, it didn’t jive with the rice.

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Game Review: Prodigy Math Game

In late November, my niece told me she was playing Prodigy. She told me it’s a math game and she was level 6 at that time. For Christmas, she wanted a Prodigy membership as a gift. So, my sister gifted her 2 months membership. It was around $10 for each month and she bought only 2 because my sister thinks she might lose interest. Now, my niece said she’s planning to buy 6 more months since she’s level 60 and she’s still enjoying it.

What is this game all about? Prodigy is a math game for students. They battle foes, visit islands, customize their players, have pets, collect items while answering math questions according to their grade level and location. The game has 100 levels. Even if you reach the max levels, there are still things for you to keep your interest with the game.

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An Icy Kind of Ride

On February 6, 2020, my husband and I did our monthly run to Charlotte. This time, we visited my husband’s best friend’s family and dropped a box at the Filipino Mart for my side hustle. The day started out great and sunny but towards late afternoon, it started raining. We didn’t think about it differently since raining is nothing unusual this year. So, we had dinner at Cowfish and hang out in their home.

When it was time to head home, they gave my husband a tumbler of hot coffee and we went our merry way home. When we left their compound it was still raining and everything was ok. However, when we hit the highway, we noticed something different. The roads became icy and slushy. I told my husband to slow down and it woke my husband up. It was my first time to experience this kind of road. I’ve experienced snow and everything but I haven’t experienced driving or riding in a vehicle when the roads are icy.

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Cross Country Coffee Tasting

From January 24 to February 2, 2020, my husband and I went on a west coast to east coast cross country road trip. Besides some sightseeing and food trip, we also stopped for some coffee. My husband is a dark roast coffee drinker who prefers his coffee black. On the other hand, I’m more a tea drinker and mocha lover.

On this trip, we started from San Francisco -> Death Valley National Park -> Las Vegas -> Grand Canyon National Park -> Flagstaff -> Albuquerque -> Amarillo -> Oklahoma City -> Memphis -> Nashville -> Knoxville -> High Point. We didn’t stop for coffee in all of the places we went through but only those which were highly recommended.

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