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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Every year like clockwork you will see little girls with their moms at your local supermarket, or subway stations selling these delicious cookies. However, this year with the pandemic, these girls needs to be creative in getting cookies in your hands. The Girl Scout organization created a Girl Scout Cookie Finder app or you can text COOKIES to 59618.

In my neighborhood, they set up tables in their driveway with the girl scouts holding eye-catching signs to cars and people passing by. Some asked their parents to post on sites like Nextdoor to advertise their cookies and offering free deliveries. As for me, we passed by a girl on the driveway selling the cookies. We bought the smores and caramel delites. They didn’t have the thin mints which I like so I’m walked back to the area yesterday to grab them.

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Share your favorite and support these young girls with a gift of their cookies. Practice social distancing!


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