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An Icy Kind of Ride

On February 6, 2020, my husband and I did our monthly run to Charlotte. This time, we visited my husband’s best friend’s family and dropped a box at the Filipino Mart for my side hustle. The day started out great and sunny but towards late afternoon, it started raining. We didn’t think about it differently since raining is nothing unusual this year. So, we had dinner at Cowfish and hang out in their home.

When it was time to head home, they gave my husband a tumbler of hot coffee and we went our merry way home. When we left their compound it was still raining and everything was ok. However, when we hit the highway, we noticed something different. The roads became icy and slushy. I told my husband to slow down and it woke my husband up. It was my first time to experience this kind of road. I’ve experienced snow and everything but I haven’t experienced driving or riding in a vehicle when the roads are icy.

Anyway, back to our drive to High Point. It was scary as almost every exit there’s a car which skid off the ditch or a multi-car accident. My husband said while driving in this conditions, we shouldn’t break a lot nor drive erratically nor speed. The fast lane was empty except for accidents. For a 70 mph lane, we were doing 50 mph. Some are even slower with their emergency lights on. On our 2 hour drive, we experienced rain, sleet, snow and sleet. Taking the exit, we usually slow down half a mile before the exit and pray that we won’t skid off the road. One of the exit we took needs to make a circle to transfer to another highway. By the time we arrived home, we were relieved that we arrived in one piece.

P.S. I missed my 10 flights a day challenge that day.. 😦


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