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Game Review: Prodigy Math Game

In late November, my niece told me she was playing Prodigy. She told me it’s a math game and she was level 6 at that time. For Christmas, she wanted a Prodigy membership as a gift. So, my sister gifted her 2 months membership. It was around $10 for each month and she bought only 2 because my sister thinks she might lose interest. Now, my niece said she’s planning to buy 6 more months since she’s level 60 and she’s still enjoying it.

What is this game all about? Prodigy is a math game for students. They battle foes, visit islands, customize their players, have pets, collect items while answering math questions according to their grade level and location. The game has 100 levels. Even if you reach the max levels, there are still things for you to keep your interest with the game.

I tried this game when my niece told me but I’m not sure what grade level I tried but I lost interest after an hour because I feel like it was too difficult. When my stepson was with us last week, he was excited about telling me this game. He also asked his dad if he can purchase membership for him. I suggested why don’t he ask his grandmother to pay for it. It was amazing, he didn’t stop playing Prodigy the whole weekend. He even ignored his Nintendo Switch. He gets frustrated some times when he can’t answer the math questions. He sometimes ask for help when it takes him quite some time to answer them. He is still competitive and wants to get the best and fiercest of pets to join his team. With that, he watch Youtube videos to help him.

Is it a good game? I believe so. If there’s anything that can lure my stepson away from his Nintendo Switch, I’m all for it. At least with this game, he’s learning and improving his math skills. However, I still wish that he will let go of his gadget once in awhile and spend time with family.


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