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Happy Year of the Ox!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Metal Ox! To all my friends and former colleagues in China, enjoy your weeklong holiday! That’s right! They have a weeklong holiday for Lunar New Year and National Holidays. It’s technically not weeklong as you have to makeup two days on a weekend usually before and after the weeklong holiday. It’s so messed up sometimes that you take one week off and work one week straight.

So what are some Chinese traditions that day usually do for Lunar New Year?

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5 Things I Miss In San Francisco

I left my heart in San Fran… Fran.. Fran.. I remember hearing that phrase every day from our neighbor’s parrot when we still live in Pasay City. The parrot can’t complete the sentence. When I applied for a US tourist visa, the consul asked for my itinerary and I told her I want to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf. My first US visit was to San Francisco. Now that I’m living in North Carolina, I’m missing San Francisco occasionally.

Here are five things I miss about San Francisco:

  • My Relatives – majority of my mom’s family live in the Bay Area. I miss being with them and spending time with them.
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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Every year like clockwork you will see little girls with their moms at your local supermarket, or subway stations selling these delicious cookies. However, this year with the pandemic, these girls needs to be creative in getting cookies in your hands. The Girl Scout organization created a Girl Scout Cookie Finder app or you can text COOKIES to 59618.

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