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February 2021 Personal Challenge

It’s almost the end of the month and thank you to my readers for being my accountability partners in my personal challenge. For this month, here’s an update on how I’m doing. I know it’s not my usual post but I really need to write it all down to be accountable.


  • Log all food I ate. – this is still going. (Day 146)
  • 10 flights of stairs a day – I unfortunately had to go back to Day 1 when I missed my flight of stairs on Feb 6. However, after that miss, I went back to my daily goal and have been completing it. I feel like I have a daily activity that I can achieve. It made me move a bit more throughout the day.
  • Strength training twice a week: As I mentioned to my teacher in ESMM, I don’t really have a plan for it. I just do it once on a weekday and once on a weekend. Which day it would be I can’t really say. I’m on week 6 now and still going strong. I might have to add more variety or change the weight of my dumbbell.
  • Eat salad once a week. Sad to say I haven’t been able to accomplish this. My husband is not a salad person and I can’t be the only one eating it. I love the berry salad from Kickback Jack’s (lots of calories though).


  • Blog post every 3 days – Check! I’m sometimes stressed on what to write as I’m having mental block. I remembered I miss 1 post but was able to catch up to it after a day. I’m glad I get to learn how to use the recipe shortcode so expect more cooking or baking posts in the future. As I said, I’m improving my blog slowly. BTW, I technically started writing for my blog in October 2020 after I had my surgery. The rest of my posts were from my old blogs that I was able to retrieve. I might add some posts that will be backdated.
  • Instagram post every 3 days – Sadly it didn’t happen. One thing I hate with Instagram, it doesn’t allow me to schedule my post without going through third-party apps. It would be nice to have one so I can schedule several of them in one sitting in case I forget.
  • Maximize blog theme – I learned how to use their recipes and quotes. Next would be images and gallery.
  • Increase blog traffic to 1,000 views a day by year end – according to my stats, I’m averaging 9 views per day (That’s sad!). In some days, I don’t have any views. I’m not sure how to pump it up to reach my goal.


  • Take photos of receipt every week for ReceiptHog and Fetch – Well, I haven’t missed a week so far but I just make sure that I can take a photo even 1. I have 3,832 coins on Receipt Hog and 11,308 pts in Fetch Rewards.
  • Balikbayan Box: Box #1 is on its way to the Philippines. I’m now buying stuff to fill Box #2. Hopefully, I would be able to reach my 8 boxes goal.
  • Stock Market Income – So far this year, I’ve only earned $14.96 from dividends. I didn’t buy or sell anything nor did I go after the GameStop stock rise and fall. The stock I’ve been buying and selling is going up now that I’m still thinking if I should play it.


  • Accounting Specialist Class – I’m in the thick of this class right now that’s why I’m neglecting some of my other goals. Oh yeah, my laptop died so I’m using my husband’s Macbook which I’m still rebelling against. I’m just glad that he was able to install a virtual machine that runs on Windows and installed Excel on it. It’s difficult to learn Excel when our book is running on Windows.
  • Income Tax Course – nothing happening to this yet. I’m thinking of taking the payroll specialist class next. Let’s see.

That’s it! Maybe for my March little goal is to get my blog traffic up. Take care everyone!


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