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Emergency Alerts Going Wild

Last Thursday, March 18, everyone was on edge as we had a severe weather threat in our area. As I mentioned in my previous post, we weren’t even sure if our vaccine appointment will push through due to the weather. After Waze brought us to an unseen Starbucks location, we decided to order dinner at Bonchon Chicken in downtown Greensboro. As we expected body ache and malaise after the vaccination, we didn’t want to cook dinner.

While my husband picked up the order, the first of the series of Emergency Alerts started on my phone. Since we were still out on the road, we were not sure where the closest substantial shelter is in our area. I was a bit paranoid and have been looking out on the window of our car. When my husband came back to the car with our dinner, he told me to be his eyes and be on the lookout of any flying debris.

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