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Restaurant Review: Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffle combination is not something that I’ve tried until I moved to North Carolina. Waffle for me is sweet and eaten for breakfast. Fried chicken is usually associated with savory taste and a dish served for lunch or dinner. So combining chicken and waffles as a meal just boggles my mind.

My husband keep praising this restaurant in downtown Greensboro which he says serves the best Chicken and Waffles. The first time I tried it was when my brother came to visit last Christmas. Since it was still COVID, the number of tables available were few. We’re lucky that we didn’t have to wait and was seated right away. When my brother tried it, he said he wanted to come back as it was so good. He ordered a waffle and 4 chicken legs. As for me, I enjoyed my food and take back what I thought that chicken and waffles is not a good combination. One thing I love about this restaurant are their shmears!!

Their shmears are sweet creme butters delicately whipped with the freshest natural ingredients. They come in several flavors: strawberry, chocolate-hazelnut, maple-pecan, blueberry, vanilla-almond, orange honey, peach-apricot. Of the different flavors, I enjoy the orange honey and strawberry shmears.

Their signature creations comes with sides and my favorite is their Mac and Cheese (Heavenly!). Other sides that you can choose from besides mac and cheese are collard greens, small garden salad, smooth grits, sauteed squash and onions and potato salad. My friend has tried the smooth grits and he likes it and want some more. We’ve tried the potato salad and collard greens but we always go back to the mac and cheese.

Their waffles comes in several flavors as well. They have classic, blueberry, gingerbread and vegan. I prefer classic but the blueberry ain’t bad as well. They also have kids meal for the young ones and other breakfast and lunch entrees.

Between December 2020 and April 2021, I went back to Dame’s three times. The most recent visit was the longest wait time we had. We were there around 1 pm and we were able to get a table at 2:30-3:00pm. They don’t take reservations so you just try your luck when you get there. My husband did warn me in December that getting a table here was really difficult.

So, if you’re in Greensboro, Cary or Durham, North Carolina. Try this local favorite, Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.

Greensboro location: 301 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Greensboro, NC

Cary location: 823 Bass Pro Lane, Cary, NC

Durham location: 530 Foster Street, Durham, NC


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