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Quotes About Money and Finance

The second quarter of 2021 is about to come to an end. Summer is raging and everyone wants to head to the beach to get a tan and relax. Temperatures out west is sizzling hot but here in Triad is comfortable (mid-80s to upper 90s). Here’s this quarter’s 10 quotes about money and finance.

Samuel Butler: “Friendship is like money. Easier made than kept.”

When a kid visits a playground, it’s easy for them to make friends. Money no matter how big or small it is can be easily found or earned. However, just like friendship, if you don’t give time, effort and energy to it, it’s easily lost.

Nathan W. Morris: “Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.”

One thing I don’t like here in the United States is their love for credit. Credit for me is a necessary evil. I prefer to buy something when I have the money to pay for it. Borrowing money makes you lose sleep and increase your stress levels especially if you don’t know how to pay for it. Stress is the number one cause of a number of health issues. If you follow the trail, your future self will be robbed of a happy life.

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