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June 2021 Personal Challenge Update

Another month passed and we’re halfway through the year. Time really flies so fast. Next thing I know I will be a year older. For the month of June, 3 of my aunts in the West Coast and Australia celebrated their birthday. We had 3 zoom parties with raffle, bingo and other games. It was fun and a good way to catch up with everybody. Aside from parties, here’s the rest of June’s update.


  • Averaging 10,000 steps a day: For June, my aim was to average 3,000 steps a day. I think I started really aiming for the 3,000 step goal mid-June. I’m happy to say that my average in June is 3,556 steps. That New York day trip really helped as I hit 16,781 steps that day.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables: It’s slowly getting there. I try to cook the stir fry ground turkey with tomatoes, mushroom and spinach at least once a week.
  • Drinking water: As much as possible, I drink water every meal or throughout the day. I don’t go turkey with sweetened beverages but try to limit it to twice a week. When I’m sick, I do lemon juice with honey.


  • Instagram: I didn’t realize a lot of people are into posting the day to day of their plushies. Well, I created an instagram account of our bear plushie named Prototype. You can catch his antics on @bear.prototype … I update his account every two days. As for my main account, @chefclaudine … I missed the 3 days and sometimes update it on the 4th day. My other account, @thecoffeedisciple .. I rarely update it as I’m not the coffee drinker but my hubby.
  • Blogging: the vacation earlier this month didn’t help me. It seems like it took me a long time to recover and get my groove back. I was able to only post 4 articles and a quote. No review or anything and most of them were written later than the post date.
  • Blog traffic: If April was my previous low at 72, June is now my new low at 63. I really need to write more articles and consistently. (crossing fingers)


  • Cashback Apps: My ReceiptHog coins went up from 4,652 coins to 5,071 coins. My Fetch Rewards points went up from 14,935 to 17,395 points. I was able to maximize the weekly bonuses for ReceiptHog and get some extra points on Fetch Rewards.
  • Rakuten: I earned $7.36 this month with half of it from the Balikbayan Box items and the other half from my Old Navy purchase.
  • Balikbayan Box: Box #4 was shipped mid-June along with boxes from my stepson’s grandmother. Box #5 is almost full and will be shipped mid-July. My friend said that this might be our last box but she asked me to buy more soap today at Walgreens so there might be box #6. It’s taking 3 months for the box to arrive in Manila instead of the 2 months.
  • Stock Market: I earned $7.40 from dividends and interest this month. I have two stocks which gives dividends monthly (O for Realty Income and DON for WisdomTree US MidCap Dividend Fund). It isn’t much but hey it’s money every month that I don’t need to work for. Moreover, my stocks on both are in the green. My portfolio increased 2.30% in June.


  • Payroll Specialist Class: Still ongoing and I received an email that they will be sending another check in the amount of $750 as scholarship money. I’m so grateful for this as I don’t have a job at present.
  • Eat Smart, Move More Class: I miss our monthly class in June as we had our final lunch with my sister who moved to Oregon for a temporary job for 3 months. Our topic for this month was Sleep.

That’s it! My next travel would be to Virginia Beach with my husband, stepson and his amah in celebration of his and my hubby’s birthday.


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