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Restaurant Review: The Smoke Pit

For my review comeback, I’m doing another restaurant that our friends introduced us to and we enjoyed. This particular restaurant review is for their branch in Salisbury. They closed the location we ate at and moved to 509 Faith Rd. Salisbury, NC 28146. I’m hoping it’s still the same and will give you a feedback when we head there again on our monthly run to Charlotte.

The Smoke Pit restaurant is voted the Best BBQ restaurant by Trip Advisor in 2021. When we visited the place twice, we had roughly 5-10 mins wait. The place is packed and they do both take-out and dine in. Parking is street parking so it’s a hit and miss if there is a space in front of the restaurant. Store Hours: Mondays (Closed), Tuesday-Saturday (11am-9pm), Sunday (11am-8pm).

From their menu, we tried small plate of Burnt Ends with Cornbread, small plate of NC Carolina Pork with Hush Puppies, Tres Amigos (brisket, pork and ribs) with Texas Toast. Among the sides that they offer, we’ve tried Fried Butter Corn, Mom’s Deviled Egg Potato Salad, Fried Okra Banana Pudding and Baked Mac & Cheese.

Verdict: The Burnt Ends is oh so good and juicy. We had our NC Carolina Pork pulled and it wasn’t dry. We don’t even need to put sauce if we don’t want to. The Tres Amigos, the ribs and brisket looks dry but they’re only slightly dry. The ribs taste fabulous but the brisket was a little tough. For the sides, we enjoyed the butter corn but the first time was great and the second time was a bit salty. The fried okra was yummy but it’s not the same as the fried okra I’ve tried in Beijing. The Banana Pudding can be improved, the wafer and banana were non-existent. It feels like I’m just eating cream. The potato salad was nothing spectacular, it was ok. The mac and cheese was typical mac and cheese served in restaurants, it didn’t stand out.

Would I go back? Oh yes! It’s one of the best bbq I’ve tried here in the US. Also, each location has a different menu.


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