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Fall Schedule of my Favorite TV Shows

Yes! It’s September! That means the long hiatus of my favorite TV shows is at an end. I’ve been binge-watching again all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m on Season 5. So if you want to know the reason I’ve not been writing, it’s because of that. I’ve also been watching documentaries and some movies.

Have you heard that Grey’s Anatomy gig for one of their superfans? NiceRX is looking for a superfan to binge watch all 369 episodes of the show this summer. The catch? They need to tally who saved the most lives. Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey. I would say it’s Miranda Bailey. Why? Reason #1: Meredith was stuck in bed most of Season 17 due to COVID. Reason #2: Miranda Bailey was a resident when the show started while Meredith was an intern. They didn’t do much saving but more on assisting. Reason #3: I haven’t reached that season yet but I recalled Meredith disappeared for a few episodes when Derek died. If you want to apply for this job, head to

So which shows are my favorites and when are they coming back?

One Chicago (Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD) – September 22 (Wed). The one I really follow now is Chicago Fire. I used to watch all of them but I lost interest in the other two unless they crossed over.

Grey’s Anatomy – September 30 (Thu). This would be Grey’s Anatomy’s 18th season. There are some rumors that Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) will be returning.

Bull – October 7 (Thu). I’ve been following Michael Weatherly since his NCIS days so I’m happy that this show is back for it’s 6th season. I’m just sad that Benny (Freddy Rodriguez) is not returning.

NCIS – September 20 (Mon). Season 18 ended in a weird kind of cliffhanger. We saw the boat that Gibbs was building for most of the season and he took for a spin exploded. There was also a brief scene where he was swimming. Is he coming back to NCIS or will be consulted from time to time? Who’s replacing Ellie? I feel like the previous season lack depth.

SWAT – October 1 (Fri). I’ve been a fan of Shemar Moore since his Criminal Minds days. Who doesn’t love his yumminess? Anyway, I’ve been watching this show and can’t wait for Season 5. I hope they improve the storyline as it’s getting a bit boring.

FBI Trio (FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International) – September 21 (Tue). Ooohh.. a new spin-off was created, FBI: International. I wonder how it will par with the other two. Anyhow, a 3-Part Crossover premiere will begin on September 21. I hope it has more character than the shallow and quick case resolution that is the norm.

The Good Doctor – September 27 (Mon). Shawn and Lea are finally getting married! I wonder who will replace Clair? Well.. we will find out as the new season begins.

Some other shows that I used to follow and their premiere dates this fall.. The Resident (Sep 21), New Amsterdam (Sep 21), Station 19 (Sep 30), Blue Bloods (Oct 1), Young Sheldon (Oct 7).

Well.. my DVR will be working double time again!


3 thoughts on “Fall Schedule of my Favorite TV Shows

  1. I think the pandemic put a wrinkle in the writing of NCIS. Kristina Law is the actress who will be replacing Wickersham. The character name is escaping me but she was introduced three episodes before the season ended.

    I can’t believe the CBS would move the show from its spot that it has held since 2003. I hope it continues to do well this season or it won’t make it to season 20. I watched it on its new nighit this past week and didn’t watch all of it. I had already seen it but it was getting late and I usually go to bed by 9:30 most nights. I will have to watch it on demand on another night.

  2. Katrina Law is Jessica Knight. Let’s see how their team interaction would be. So who’s going to replace Gibbs? Is he coming back to NCIS or is he really retired? There’s another NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Hawaii. I sure will miss NCIS: New Orleans.

  3. That’s right thank you. As for Gibbs the media and some fans (grudgingly) are saying Gary Cole is replacing Gibbs but that’s not how I read it (considering he is an FBI agent-unless they have him join NCIS). I am not sure if he actually will retire from NCIS-again many viewers and fans say he is retiring from acting all together to go to Montana. He may have reduced hours the way David McCallum did. I seriously doubt that really is going to change this year as well.

    I am not sure about the Hawaii spin=off.

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