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Game Review: Slingo Supreme

I run through games like some people go through boy/girlfriends.  Well.. you can’t fault me as some games are boring while others lose their thrill once you’ve completed all stages.  My latest game which I’ve already deleted is Slingo Supreme.

Slingo Supreme is the latest of a series of Slingo games created by Slingo (Hehe! too many slingo in a sentence).  Slingo is a mix of Bingo and slot machine.  You have a card and a pattern where you try to complete by spinning the slot for a combination of numbers.  There are devils, angels, treasure chests, multipliers, coins and challenges.

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Game Review: Farm Frenzy 2

I’m a game addict. I usually have one or two games on my PC which I will play till I get sick of it. Usually, once I finish the story mode, I get bored with the game. That’s what happened with Restaurant Rush 2 so I crawled reflexive and astalavista for new games. The game I found … Farm Frenzy 2.

Farm Frenzy 2 is a time management game and the sequel of Farm Frenzy. The object is to complete a set of task within a time limit to earn points to buy in the shop. In certain levels, you need to buy a specific upgrade or shop in order to proceed. In a level, you have 3 types of chance to win points, the normal, silver and gold.

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Game Review: Restaurant Rush 2

I’ve been procrastinating lately in writing blogs. Well, work is toxic and I wasn’t in the mood to write anything anymore at home. Also, my travel buddy and I are planning our trip to Europe. Wish us luck with our visa application.

Anyway, there is this new game which I downloaded from the forum of which got me hooked so much that I’ve been cutting my beauty sleep short. I remember the first release and how I tried to finish it within a day. Foregoing several hours of sleep just to go through all the stages.

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