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Starbucks for Life

Every year during the Christmas season, Starbucks usually launch their Starbucks For Life game.  As usual, with my luck on raffle and game prizes, I’m not expecting anything.  This year, the game will end on January 4.  The good thing about this game is you can actually play it without purchasing anything.  You just need to scroll down towards the bottom on the fine print to get a game play.

So far, I’ve won 50 stars and a lot of missing one item for each of the categories.  Last year, I won the Christmas card set and some stars.  Should I hope for something and be disappointed or be positive and claim that I will win? 

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Shanghai Starbucks Tumblers

My sisters came to visit me in Beijing but since they took the budget flight to Shanghai, I had to pick them up there.  As usual, I have to stop by a Starbucks shop to purchase for my favorite collectors.  There are several Starbucks in Shanghai notably in famous tourist spots like Xintiandi, Yuyuan and Nanjing Road.  They still don’t have a store at the new Terminal 2 airport of Shanghai Pudong.

Unlike Beijing tumblers, Shanghai have box sets perfect for gifts.  I was lucky enough to purchase a Shanghai box set and a Zhejiang box set.  Each box set costs RMB 388 (Ouch!).   What I like about it is, some of the tumbler designs are transparent and can only be purchased in a set.  The Shanghai box set is composed of Shanghai, Xintiandi and Yuyuan.  The Zhejiang box set is composed of Ningbo, Shaoxing and Hangzhou.  Check out the pictures of these sets.

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Starbucks Australia – Tumbler and Mugs

A friend of mine was sent to Sydney for training last January and as a fairy godmother to a small community of Starbucks collectors in the Philippines, I asked her to purchase some merchandise for me.

I told her to get me two Sydney tumblers and a Sydney and Melbourne mug.  When she came back, she brought one Sydney tumbler and and Australian mug.  *sigh*  She mistakenly ordered the Hangzhou tumblers as well which I’m currently selling to interested buyers.

In any case, here are the pictures of the tumbler and mug she bought for educational purposes. 😛

sbux-aus-mug-2 sbux-aus-mug1

sbux-syd-tumbler sbux-syd-tumbler-2

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Starbucks Hangzhou Tumblers

My friend went back to Hangzhou during her birthday and told my avid Starbucks tumbler collector cousin about it.  She said she wanted the box set which consists of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing.  She thought it was supposed to be one tumbler with all 3 names but I told her it was one tumbler each for Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing.  So, she ordered it from her friend and asked her to courier it over to Beijing.  When I received it, it was 3 tumblers of Hangzhou which my cousin has already.  So.. I’m putting it up for sale for the first 3 people who wanted it.  The cost of each tumbler is RMB 100 each.  It might cost more than the retail but they had to courier it to me from Hangzhou.

hangzhou1 hangzhou2 hangzhou3 hangzhou4

Photo Credit: Gold Tan

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Starbucks China turns 10

sbucks2Starbucks lovers are in for a treat as Starbucks China turns 10.  To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Starbucks rolled out their 10th anniversary tumbler, mugs and gift box.  Also, Starbucks lovers in Beijing and Tianjin will get 20% off this Friday, January 16 and Saturday, January 17 on their merchandise excluding hand crafted beverages, coffee beans and coffee passports.

So that means.. the Starbucks tumbler group lovers on multiply, should tell me to buy your faves this weekend to get 20% off.   Hahahaha!  Hey!  Any discount is always welcome!  Grab your favorite merchandise while it last!