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10 Ways to Save Money While Travelling

We recently went on a road trip to Alexandria, VA and Washington D.C. for the cherry blossom festival. My husband and I love to travel but with COVID-19 it’s scary to be on a plane or on a cruise. Hopefully, things will get back to normal so we could fly and visit our relatives back West or even back to the Philippines.

With all the traveling I made since 2012, here are some ways to save money while travelling:

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An Icy Kind of Ride

On February 6, 2020, my husband and I did our monthly run to Charlotte. This time, we visited my husband’s best friend’s family and dropped a box at the Filipino Mart for my side hustle. The day started out great and sunny but towards late afternoon, it started raining. We didn’t think about it differently since raining is nothing unusual this year. So, we had dinner at Cowfish and hang out in their home.

When it was time to head home, they gave my husband a tumbler of hot coffee and we went our merry way home. When we left their compound it was still raining and everything was ok. However, when we hit the highway, we noticed something different. The roads became icy and slushy. I told my husband to slow down and it woke my husband up. It was my first time to experience this kind of road. I’ve experienced snow and everything but I haven’t experienced driving or riding in a vehicle when the roads are icy.

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Winter Beach Escapade in the Carolinas

My sister recently started a temporary associate dentist job in Supply, NC. The agency she was hired with provided free lodging which turned out to be a Best Western Plus in Shallotte, NC. She was asking us to visit her so that we can bring some stuff she missed and bring her some homemade curry tuna buns. Since my husband has one day of PTO from the previous year that he needs to use and it’s MLK long weekend, we decided to visit her and explore the beaches nearby.

We’re off to our 3 day beach escapade in the Carolinas. Why would we torture ourselves going to the beach in winter? Well, free lodging is great but more importantly less people. Our first beach stop on our first day was Holden Beach, NC. There weren’t that many people but it was chilly and a bit windy. We decided not to take a dip but just stroll along the beachfront. The waters were dark and the sand was fine but dirty white. It was peaceful and relaxing if it’s not chilly.

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