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Open Enrollment, Guardian and Medical Bills

It’s that time of the year again when my husband has to choose what kind of medical insurance and other benefits we would avail as a family with their company.  HR gave them until October 30 to decide.  The company decided to change medical/dental insurance provider from United Healthcare to Cigna.  The other stuff remains the same. 

In any case, it was also timely as we wouldn’t have realized that he has this additional critical illness benefit that will help us pay off our medical bills.  For UMR, our annual out of pocket maximum payment is $4,500 for individual and $9,000 for family.  The ER visit, surgery and inpatient hospital stay already maxed out my annual out of pocket maximum.  That’s $4,500 we need to come up to pay for our share of the bill.  The hospital allowed us to pay in installment and gave us a grace period of 120 days.

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Work Life at Ross Dress For Less, Inc.

October 11 was my last day working for Ross Dress for Less, Inc.  It was bittersweet but I’m happy that it’s over.  They wanted me to stay on but I’m getting married and I’m moving to North Carolina where my husband lives.  So that was not possible.

The corporate office of Ross Dress for Less is located at Dublin, CA.  At that time, they were the only company who accepted my condition that I can only work until October.  Since they really need someone who they don’t need to train much, they hired me even with my time restriction.  I initially thought it was a direct hire but since I’m only there for the short term, they had me sign a contract with their temp agency.

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