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Side Hustle 1: Balikbayan Box

Around March of this year, I reconnected with an old classmate of mine.  I asked her if I can help her with any products from the US to ship to her through balikbayan boxes.  If you’re Filipino, balikbayan boxes are much awaited by relatives back home in the Philippines.  They bring much joy especially during the holiday season as these become gifts or much needed supplies for celebration.

In any case, my classmate asked me if I can help her with some stuff that she sells to her regular customers.  In return, I will get 10% of the cost of the items to pack them in boxes.  She will pay shipping and the cost of the packaging (tape, bubble wrap).

Thus, my first side hustle in the US started.  It doesn’t give me much (approximately $50-$80 per box) but it’s stable and an income I can count on.  What gives me a better return are the points I earn from the stores or on my credit card.  The points I get are mine to use.  I usually send a box almost every month or every other month depending on the sale that I can get from the products she usually orders from me (soap, M&Ms, Skippy, lotion, vitamins).

This side hustle gives me something to do and helps a friend with her side hustle too.