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Going to Beijing – How many days??

lovebjMy sisters and mom just left from their vacation two weeks ago and life is back to normal.  Hahahaha!  If you want my sister’s account of her travels in the city, check her commentary on her blog site.  As for myself, I did all that I can do in Beijing on my first year here with Marco.

So.. before we take into consideration as to how many days.. we must consider what kind of trip would you like to have.   Do you want an amazing race adventure or a light and easy trip?   When you’ve decided if you want to kill or relax yourself, decide how many days would you like to stay in the city.  3, 4 or 5 days?

In any case, here’s a 3 day itinerary for you.  When I say 3 days, that’s 3 whole days so make the necessary adjustments.

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Beijing’s Modern Marvels

The lead up to the Olympic Games brought a flurry of construction in Beijing.  Buildings sprung up left and right as if everyone’s in a mood to construct.  Here’s a list of the modern marvels which you must see when you’re in town for a visit:

1.  National Stadium aka Bird’s Nest – This bnest91,000 seating capacity stadium is located north of the 4th ring road at the southern part of the Olympic Green.  It’s the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympics and Paralympic Games.  It is also where the athletic events are being held.  Rumors said that it will be the home of Beijing Guo’an after the Games.

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New 10-Yuan Note

10 yuanThe People’s Bank of China issued a commemorative banknote with a value of 10 yuan last Tuesday to mark the Beijing Olympic Games. This is not a typical Chinese note which features Mao in front because Mao is nowhere to be seen and was replaced by the Bird’s Nest. On the other side of the note, is an ancient Greek marble statue of a discus thrower. The PBOC will only print 6 million notes which would be circulated in the market. Thus, people queued Monday midnight to get the chance to get hold on one of these special notes.  

It’s bound to be a collector’s item and from what I heard it’s already worth RMB 500. I didn’t know about it until I saw it or else I would have waited with the throng of people just to get hold of one to keep. I’ll try the bank tomorrow and ask if they have one. Hopefully, they do as that’s one souvenir that I’m willing to keep.