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Ciro’s Pomodoro (波莫多洛)

This Italian restaurant is a London chain with branches in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bucharest, Athens and Thessaloniki.  It is located in Sanlitun at the back of The Village.  They have live music every night, long extended bar and alfresco dining.

The walls in the restaurant are filled with photos of stars who ate in their branches worldwide.  The bar has floor to ceiling cabinets filled with liquor and wines.  The food is fantastic and I’ve eaten a fair share of Italian food in Beijing.  They start you off with free bread with 3 different dips (olive paste, tomato, cream).  I ordered a pizza (RMB 85) which is a favorite of Faye Dunaway.  The pizza is filled with mozarella cheese, tomato sauce, ham, olives, anchiovies and pepperoni.  The pasta (RMB 80)  was heavenly especially the ravioli.  The sauce was creamy and tasty.  A can of coke is RMB 25 each.

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