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Europe Update: Frankfurt, Germany

Goodbye Paris, Hello Frankfurt!  That’s right!  There was a change in plans as there are no trains to Munich!!! Arrghhh.. no more Oktoberfest.. 😦   Just checking in very quick as using the internet cost 2 euros an hour! 

Starbucks lovers.. they don’t have tumblers in Paris and Frankfurt..  I was only able to find 1 starbucks in Paris and that’s in the Louvre.   No tumblers, only mugs.  I checked out 3 starbucks in Frankfurt to no avail as well.  Alvin, I got your Frankfurt mug.  It’s within your budget.  Gold, I got the pumpkin bearista magnet.  It’s cheaper here!  3.9 euros only compared to RMB 68 in Beijing.  hehehe..  They have a different tumbler flowery with a mix of metallic and plain paper (picture on the right).  Made in China.. two colors (red and blue) .. 11.50 euros.   I was planning to buy a red one for you but they don’t have it at the train station area.  😦

Well.. that’s it for now.. I’m having a hard time writing this with a different keyboard.  My legs are hurting but I’m glad of a respite today.  Cheers!

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I’m Going to Europe!!

eiffel After waiting for more than a week and a half, we got our passports back yesterday with our multi-entry Schengen visa.  It was nerve wracking as we already bought our tickets for our flight next Monday.

Right now, we have to finalize all the hotel bookings, rail pass and stuff to bring.  We’ll be travelling to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin/Munich (still undecided), Prague, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Vatican and Rome.  Some might say it’s a ridiculous and tiring trip but for me, it’s going to be an adventure I won’t forget.  It’s like the amazing race!  hehehe!

Let’s see.. here’s the itinerary we have so far:

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