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Elevation Worship Live Recording Experience

Yesterday was one of the most memorable experience in my life.  We arrived in Charlotte around 4pm, had some Asian Fusion dinner then went to Elevation Church Ballantyne.  We thought we were early but the line was so long already.  When we got inside we were directed to the overflow room.  When we arrived at the overflow room, it was still empty.  A few minutes later, a couple came in as well.  Afterwards, a staff member came in and led us to the main auditorium.  She told us we will be standing at the back the whole time. 

We didn’t mind standing as nobody was sitting down.  I cannot put in words all the superlatives that I want to say.  It was majestic, spirit filled and praise-worthy.  We had to leave on the last song as we still have a two hour drive back home.  We wouldn’t trade this experience and I’m so glad that my husband encouraged me to go.  We will fall in line again for the next recording.

Thanks so much Elevation Worship!  You made my heart full of love and joy!