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Quotes about Money and Finance

I love quotes about anything. It sometimes gives us a nudge in the right direction while sometimes it reminds us of what we should be doing. Here are some quote about money and finance that I’ve scoured over the internet that you might be interested.

  • Ayn Rand “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” If you don’t know what to do with what little God blesses you, how will He bless you with more?
  • Jim Rohn “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” When I started working I never yearn to be a C-level executive. Not because I don’t want to be rich but more because I want to have a work-life balance. What would you do with all the money when you can’t spend it nor give time to your family.
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Side Hustles and Making Money

Growing up in a middle class family, I sometimes yearn to be able to travel, buy stuff I want and be comfortable.  I would usually compare myself to my cousins who were better off than we are and find myself lacking.  Then, I would dream of graduating from university, finding a job and earning my own money. 

However, there’s one lesson my dad would always tell us.  “Be your own boss and don’t be an employee”.  With that in mind, I planned to find a job and a side hustle to generate more money.  It’s not what the lesson was but it was a step towards financial independence.

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How Much Do I Need To Invest Again?

I’ve been reading some news on when I happen to glance an article in their money smarts blog entitled “How much to invest for the long haul?” It says there that according to the rule of thumb in the Asian Wall Street Journal’s “Lifetime Guide to Money”, we should subtract our age from 100 and add a percentage sign.

When I read it, I had to exclaim “WHAT?!” I thought I was doing great already but it seems like in order for me to retire comfortably I have to do more. What shall I do?? I’ve been saving money but I guess it’s not enough. 😦

To top it all, my travel buddy Marco and I are planning our European Tour. We will be submitting our visa application this Wednesday and hopefully we will get our visa. If it pushes through, I will have to scrimp in the next couple of months in order to recuperate the cost of this trip. Oh well.. I’m willing to do that as I’ve already bought some Christmas gifts already. That means I won’t be able to go home for my cousin’s wedding. 😦

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Life is Hard…

“Life is Hard” .. A phrase which is in the lips of most people nowadays as prices of everything is increasing and our incomes doesn’t increase as much. Then, how can we cope and weather through this difficult times? I’m no expert but here are some of the tips I’ve read from different websites.

1. Turn your hobby into income – If you’re good at cooking or baking, you can probably sell your goodies to your friends/colleagues/relatives. If you have a passion to teach, tutor people! If you are visually creative, try to create something that’s useful and unique. Sell your stuff in Ebay or Multiply.

2. Recycle – Bottles, newspapers, boxes.. they’re trash which you can sell. You may not earn much but each cent counts. In China, they don’t like bottles unless it’s beer bottles. The old lady in the street usually carries a bag and search for empty plastic bottles in the trash bin. As for me, I collect the free magazines which comes out every month and sell it when I have a lot along with my empty plastic bottles.

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