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Starbucks Australia – Tumbler and Mugs

A friend of mine was sent to Sydney for training last January and as a fairy godmother to a small community of Starbucks collectors in the Philippines, I asked her to purchase some merchandise for me.

I told her to get me two Sydney tumblers and a Sydney and Melbourne mug.  When she came back, she brought one Sydney tumbler and and Australian mug.  *sigh*  She mistakenly ordered the Hangzhou tumblers as well which I’m currently selling to interested buyers.

In any case, here are the pictures of the tumbler and mug she bought for educational purposes. 😛

sbux-aus-mug-2 sbux-aus-mug1

sbux-syd-tumbler sbux-syd-tumbler-2

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Starbucks China – Olympic Series

When I posted the previous two entries about the latest mugs & tumblers of Starbucks, I thought it was just a new release.  However, as I get to know the baristas at the store near my home, they told me that each city hosting the Olympic Games in China has a new design for their mug, tumbler and demitasse collection.  It’s not really with the Olympic logo and all as that’s copyrighted and Starbucks ain’t a sponsor.

starbucks hk starbucks qingdao starbucks sh starbucks shenyang

The 6 Olympic cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenyang (Qinghuangdao) and Hong Kong.  Of course, the country where they are located has it’s own design as well.

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Latest Tianjin Starbucks Mug & Tumbler

I was meaning to go to Starbucks for quite some time to take photos and check out the latest city mugs and tumblers.  I got the chance to do it yesterday as I was at the tianjin main office and there’s a Starbucks on my way to the bus stop.

In that Starbucks, they still have the Beijing mug & tumblers which I’ve posted in my previous blog as well as the latest Tianjin tumbler and demitasse set.  The Tianjin tumbler has that huge clock structure which I saw on the way to the city from the train station.  The color and font design is similar to the new Beijing & China tumblers which they’ve recently released.  Retail price for the tumbler is RMB 95.

tjmug2The demitasse set composed of one Tianjin cup and one China cup.  Retail price  for this set is RMB 88.  They’re quite cute and when I went to the Starbucks near my home, they said it’s already sold out.

tjmug1Since I wasn’t happy with the photos I’ve taken in the Starbucks near the office, I  thought about going to the Starbucks near my home.  When I got there, they don’t have the tumbler nor the demitasse set.  They, however, have the Tianjin mug.  In this shop, they were more amenable to have a picture taken so I think the picture is much better.  Retail price of the mug is RMB 90.

Well.. for the collectors in Manila, I have a friend going home this August.  Send me a comment if you want me to buy you some of them.  For other collectors, I’ll see what I can do with the shipping.