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New Year’s Resolution and What’s Ahead

The year is almost to an end.  A lot of people are looking forward to Christmas and New Year.  However, this time would be best to reflect on what happened and to strategize on what you plan to do in the year ahead.

For some people the start of the year is when they plan to start their New Year’s Resolution.  One thing I’ve noticed with doing resolutions is we start strong but lose interest as days and months go by.  Some people even bet on how long before they stop doing it.  The end of the year is also the best time to evaluate your finances.

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New Year.. New Resolutions

nyFirst and foremost, Happy New Year everyone.  When most of my friends are partying, I’m here with a Pinoy family celebrating new year.  We had kare-kare, crispy pata, buttered shrimps and pansit.  It was a simple meal and I really enjoyed it.

The last day of the year means work for people in China.  Traffic was less compared to Christmas.  Fireworks seems non-existent and won’t be visible not until Chinese New Year.  As for me, I was stuck with dry, hacking cough and was coughing like there’s no tomorrow.  The doctor gave me a bunch of medicine which I need to take and one of them made me too drowsy that I almost miss the New Year.

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