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Ringing the Victory Bell!

The Victory Bell is a badge of honor for successfully completing your radiation treatment.  It signals a new chapter of your journey and the end of a challenging event in your life.  It was something I was looking forward to as it meant my daily trip to the hospital is done. 

December 17 is the last day of my 31 days of radiation treatment.  I did it!  I rang the victory bell!  It was bittersweet as I will miss the people I interacted with during my treatment.  I brought home a certificate of completion as well as the mask they used for my treatment. 

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I’m A Walking Zombie

On Day 23 of 31 of my daily weekday radiation treatment, another side effect made itself known. I was feeling fine earlier in the day and was able to get some exercise in before the treatment.  However, after the treatment, I felt a sudden drop of energy as if the radiation zapped it all out.  Apparently, the cumulative amount of radiation is taking its toll.  The side effect of fatigue is now part of the parcel.  I was actually planning to bake some madeleines today but I don’t have the energy.

My sister told me I look like a wilted flower.  I told her I don’t have the energy to bake anymore today.  Hopefully, I can sleep early and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.  I still want to try and bake some madeleines.  On my weekly appointment with the doctor, he said that it’s part of the treatment and that I should be feeling it until the end of it.

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Catch Me I’m Falling

It’s day 15 of 31 of my daily weekday radiation treatment.   So far I’ve been lucky enough not to feel any major side effects of the radiation.  They put me back on steroids on day 10 which helped with the headache. 

However, no amount of steroids will help with this side effect.  When I woke up this morning and ran my hands through my hair, my hand came out with a lot of hair.  I did it again and still a lot of hair.  I was shocked, I though I got away with this symptom but apparently not.  I’m experiencing HAIR LOSS (huhuhu!). 

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Beam Me Up Scotty!

After appreciating the fall colors at the Blue Ridge Parkway and doing what I need to do like there’s no tomorrow, my first day of radiation therapy arrived.  On Nov 3, I started my first day of radiation therapy to lessen the chances of recurrence of my brain tumor and eradicate the remaining tumor cells.  Our schedule was mid-afternoon and they were generous enough to have free parking for treatment patients. 

We arrived there early and stopped by the nurse station to pick up a gown.  I went to the dressing room and just wore the gown on top of what I’m wearing as the nurse advised me that it’s fine.

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Frankenstein No More!

Oct 20, 2020 was a memorable day. First, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us my love!  I know this is not how we plan on celebrating our anniversary but I’m very grateful for you and I love you very much! 

Second, we went back to the hospital for an appointment to remove the staples in my head.  It was a quick appointment but it was painful.  There were 10 staples in my head and I had to ask the doctor to give me a break after every staple removed.  After all of the staples were removed, I asked my husband to give me a Tylenol as my head was throbbing.  We kept the staples and I’m not sure where my husband kept it.  The doctor threw the staple remover right away before I was able to ask for it. 

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