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Amazon Prime Day 2021

Last year for Amazon Prime Day, I bought quite a bit of items on Amazon. I remember looking at lightning deals and setting my notification when it goes on sale. This year, Amazon Prime Days will be on June 21 and 22 (Monday and Tuesday). If you’re like me who’s not comfortable shopping in store, Prime Days will be best for you.

So what’s Amazon Prime Day? Two days of Prime Deals! There are lightning deals which goes on sale at certain time with a limited number of items per product. Standard discounts on certain products available on both days. Items from baby products, grocery items, furniture, appliances, TVs, Amazon products, books, etc. You name it, they might have it on sale.

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10 Ways To Save Money Grocery Shopping

Have you heard the news about the Colonial Pipeline hack or that major brands are planning to increase prices? Maybe you’ve seen your grocery bills getting higher or the number of items in your cart getting fewer with the same amount of money you’ve been paying. Well.. if you’ve been noticing them, you’re not alone. With prices on not just you’re daily essentials as well as gas prices on the rise, here are some ways you can save money while grocery shopping.

Plan Meals on a Weekly or Bi-Monthly Basis: One less grocery run will save you a great deal of money (grocery items and gas). Planning meals will help you on what you need to buy, what’s in the pantry and lower your calories. As my ESMM instructor said, cooking meals at home will save you money and you know what goes on it to lower your calories.

Don’t Go Shopping Hungry: if you bring your kids grocery shopping, try to schedule your shopping after lunch or after dinner. If you or the kids are hungry, you will be tempted to buy something not on your list to eat on the way home.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Madness

First and foremost, I would like to greet everyone Happy Thanksgiving!  This year has been a trial for most of us.  I am grateful to celebrating one year of marriage to my wonderful husband Gian.  I am grateful that despite of the pandemic, God gave my husband a stable job and a side hustle.  I am grateful that despite of the brain tumor and radiation, I am still alive.  I am grateful that despite of the pandemic, we are still healthy and strong. 

After the turkey and the trimmings, it’s Black Friday!!  We headed to Mebane Outlets.  Boy!  There were are a lot of people.  A lot of stores have long lines.  We went shopping with our mask and shield.  In the end, I was able to buy a sweater at Loft and his pants at Banana Republic.  Falling in line wasn’t that great.  Besides, we can always head back when it’s not Black Friday.  I just need to get my steps up (still not hitting my 10k steps a day).  

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