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Europe Update: Frankfurt, Germany

Goodbye Paris, Hello Frankfurt!  That’s right!  There was a change in plans as there are no trains to Munich!!! Arrghhh.. no more Oktoberfest.. 😦   Just checking in very quick as using the internet cost 2 euros an hour! 

Starbucks lovers.. they don’t have tumblers in Paris and Frankfurt..  I was only able to find 1 starbucks in Paris and that’s in the Louvre.   No tumblers, only mugs.  I checked out 3 starbucks in Frankfurt to no avail as well.  Alvin, I got your Frankfurt mug.  It’s within your budget.  Gold, I got the pumpkin bearista magnet.  It’s cheaper here!  3.9 euros only compared to RMB 68 in Beijing.  hehehe..  They have a different tumbler flowery with a mix of metallic and plain paper (picture on the right).  Made in China.. two colors (red and blue) .. 11.50 euros.   I was planning to buy a red one for you but they don’t have it at the train station area.  😦

Well.. that’s it for now.. I’m having a hard time writing this with a different keyboard.  My legs are hurting but I’m glad of a respite today.  Cheers!