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Cross Country Coffee Tasting

From January 24 to February 2, 2020, my husband and I went on a west coast to east coast cross country road trip. Besides some sightseeing and food trip, we also stopped for some coffee. My husband is a dark roast coffee drinker who prefers his coffee black. On the other hand, I’m more a tea drinker and mocha lover.

On this trip, we started from San Francisco -> Death Valley National Park -> Las Vegas -> Grand Canyon National Park -> Flagstaff -> Albuquerque -> Amarillo -> Oklahoma City -> Memphis -> Nashville -> Knoxville -> High Point. We didn’t stop for coffee in all of the places we went through but only those which were highly recommended.

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Winter Beach Escapade in the Carolinas

My sister recently started a temporary associate dentist job in Supply, NC. The agency she was hired with provided free lodging which turned out to be a Best Western Plus in Shallotte, NC. She was asking us to visit her so that we can bring some stuff she missed and bring her some homemade curry tuna buns. Since my husband has one day of PTO from the previous year that he needs to use and it’s MLK long weekend, we decided to visit her and explore the beaches nearby.

We’re off to our 3 day beach escapade in the Carolinas. Why would we torture ourselves going to the beach in winter? Well, free lodging is great but more importantly less people. Our first beach stop on our first day was Holden Beach, NC. There weren’t that many people but it was chilly and a bit windy. We decided not to take a dip but just stroll along the beachfront. The waters were dark and the sand was fine but dirty white. It was peaceful and relaxing if it’s not chilly.

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I’m Going to Europe!!

eiffel After waiting for more than a week and a half, we got our passports back yesterday with our multi-entry Schengen visa.  It was nerve wracking as we already bought our tickets for our flight next Monday.

Right now, we have to finalize all the hotel bookings, rail pass and stuff to bring.  We’ll be travelling to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin/Munich (still undecided), Prague, Vienna, Venice, Florence, Vatican and Rome.  Some might say it’s a ridiculous and tiring trip but for me, it’s going to be an adventure I won’t forget.  It’s like the amazing race!  hehehe!

Let’s see.. here’s the itinerary we have so far:

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Beijing South Station & C-Trains to Tianjin

tj3 Last August 1, the Beijing South Station officially started operations and the first train out was the new C-trains to Tianjin.  These trains travel at a top speed of 350 kilometers per hours or 100 meters per second.  Travelling  between Beijing and Tianjin is further cut into half from the previous 1 hour to 30 mins.

tj2One way ticket cost 69 yuan for first class and 58 yuan for second class.  The picture on the right is in the second class area.  Tickets can be purchased at the train stations (main, west and south)  3 days in advance.

According to my friend who travels to Tianjin regularly, there are a lot of people currently riding the C-trains because it’s new.   Travelling to the South station is not too tj1convenient as you can either take the bus or taxi only.    The nearest subway stop is Xuanwumen in line 2 then ride a taxi bound south past 6 major roads.   It’s located in between the South 2nd ring road and third ring road.

Make sure you know where you’re getting off in Tianjin as they could either take you to Tianjin Main (天津站) or Tianjin West (天津西站) Station.

Pictures from xinhua

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Taxi! Taxi!

taxi2 To accommodate the needs of people with disabilities during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Chinese government recently introduced taxis which are wheelchair accessible.  These taxis, they say are similar to London taxi cabs.  However, the colors are either navy blue and yellow or white and yellow.

I happen to see one last weekend and they are cute!  They look like the cars in the 60s which looks new and shiny.  These taxis are made by the local car manufacturer, Geely.

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